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Diamond Education

A diamond is made of carbon that is crystallized. In fact a diamond is more than 99.95% pure carbon. The remaining .05% of the elements often influences the crystal's shape and colour, making it the purest of earth's gemstones. It is the hardest natural substance known to man. When the stone is cut to the correct proportions, it is able to gather the light within itself, and reflect the light back out in a shower of fire and brilliance. No other gemstone comes close.


The Four C's

To the inexperienced eye, two diamonds may look exactly the same, leaving you wondering why there is such a difference in price. So before you go shopping for a diamond ring, you should learn a little about what determines their beauty, quality, rarity and price. This is known as the four Cs: Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat.
Learn more about the four c's

By learning about the 4 C's and buying only certified diamonds it is possible to purchase the same quality diamond at a significantly lower price on a safe, secure internet site.



Before purchasing a diamond, review a copy of its grading report, as this is your guarantee of quality for that diamond. Learn more about the diamond grading report.
Learn more about certification

Furthermore there is the decision of which metal to choose for your ring and also the setting to consider. All of which will come down to personal taste.



Learn about metals



Learn about ring settings


Jewellery Care Tips

Learn how to care for your diamond jewellery



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