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Diamonds Forever® July 2013 Newsletter

July 2013 Newsletter - Happy Birthday To Us!

Wedding Cake  

Diamonds Forever has turned 9 years, and what an amazing time it has been! We've met wonderful people, listened to amazing stories of proposals, engagements and fabulous weddings, and the icing on the cake was the wedding of my own daughter.

There have also been some very sad times, and, if you are reading this, you will know who you are. I am always thinking of you all, and my heart goes out to you. I still have some very special coral sand that was given to me as a remembrance...

Now there is a new generation coming through, bringing the tiny patter of little feet. I think there must be something in the water here in NZ, as most have been cute little girls; Caela, Monique, Mel and Ryan, Brendan and Maz, to name only a few. Our latest twins arrived just this week - two little girls to Renee and Duncan, congratulations! There is nothing quite like parenthood. So, Mums and Dads, now is the time to start prepping your little Princesses for when they meet their Prince!

Congratulations Will & Kate!

BootiesThe Royal Prince has arrived Monday 22nd July, weighing in at 8lbs 6oz. He is the third in line to the throne, a new generation for the Royals.

Congratulations to Kate & Will!

It was so lovely to see the baby's Royal Wave when he was presented to the public... Very Cute!

Welcome to George Alexander Louis!

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Princess cut, Pair, Round, Heart... for more info on the other shapes, join us on Facebook!

Ring Shapes

If you haven't seen our Facebook page, why not take a look? We have been having a bit of fun looking at the shapes and cuts of the various diamonds, and the history behind them.

The results on the "Likes" on the various shapes and photos was quite different to what we expected! The round brilliant was always said to be the most popular, however, that is not what we found with our survey! Click here to find out more on our Facebook page.

Zoomers! Baby Boomer/Young at Heart Seniors/45 Plus Gen
...extended to over 40y/o or those married for over ten years.

ToysMost of us ladies out there who fall into this category (including myself) will remember the engagement ring they were given many years ago, when money was tight... a token ring, given with love - and not to say that we don't still love that ring! BUT, how many of us were told "when the time was right", and they had some disposable income, that you would get your ultimate ring? How many of you are still waiting?!

When you look at the prices of cars, boats, motorbikes etc - those things guys like to dream about - the cost of a beautiful ring is like a drop in the ocean! And don't you think you deserve it?

Guys, imagine you had the money put aside to buy the ultimate ring... then you went to the Big Boys Toys Expo, you saw The car, boat or motorbike that you have been dreaming about... what would you do? Guys, we would like you to send in your comments on what you would do in this situation. The more "Likes" you get, the better your chances to win tickets for you and your mates to the next Big Boys Toys in November 2013. And for the ladies, up for grabs is a facial at your local spa or a french manicure!

It would be great to get all our readers out there, both ladies and guys involved in the commenting.

For more info check it out on Facebook.

News flash

Over the next few weeks we will be talking about Big Boys Toys vs Diamond Rings on Facebook. It would be great to get all our readers out there (both ladies and guys) involved and commenting.


July's Birthstone

The birthstone for July is Ruby. It is associated with nobility, contentment, enthusiasm, love & strength.

The glowing ruby shall adorn,
Those who in July are born;
Then they'll be exempt and free
From love's doubts and anxiety.

The Ruby is a variety of the gem species Corundum. It is harder than any other natural gemstone except diamond, which means Ruby is durable enough for everyday wear.



Thank you to all of our couples who continue to send in their beautiful wedding and engagement photo's which we love to receive and post on our website to share with others.

Each month we will give away a bottle of bubbles to the couples who share their special day by sending in photos and details of their event.

This month bubbles go to:
Emma & Mat


Congratulations Mike & Katie!

Their engagement in Cairns sounded truly romantic.

"She was blown away and did say YES which is the most important thing! The lighting was awesome for the ring to sparkle!"

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"The More you praise and celebrate you life, the more there is in life to celebrate"
By Oprah Winfrey


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