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I met my now fiance on the internet on this chat site for singles in December. We only talked for 4 months and already felt connected to each other. To me, it wasn't promising that the relationship would work out because he was from America and I'm in NZ. We planned to meet up halfway in the beautiful Island of Samoa for a 2 week holiday in July 2010. We felt like we had known each other for YEARS! The love we have for each other even though we hadn't met felt so real. So with this plan to Samoa in July on my mind, I started saving. April 26th 2010, I get a unknown caller to my cell phone, I answer and the voice on the other line was familiar - it was HIM, from that time I was thinking, oh how sweet he's calling me to say hi before I go to UNI. Then out of shock he say's: IM HERE, AT THE AIRPORT PICK ME UP. Stunned, shocked and shaking as if I'd seen a ghost. I stopped on the side of the road and just sat there. Of course I said: NO WAY! - but to my surprise, after 10mins of trying to make me believe he was here, I thought, ok, I'm going to go airport and see if he's telling the truth. I went and as I was driving, I was shaking, so many good and bad thoughts in my head. I drove into the Auckland International Airport/Arrivals and as I was driving, I see HIM, standing there. I could NOT believe it. I parked the car, sat there for a good 5mins, got myself together and walked towards him. He noticed me, and gave the biggest smile in the world. I was so speechless and just stood there in tears, I had to poke him on the arm and punch him on the arm to see if it was real and what made me really become speechless, was he held my hands and said the most BEAUTIFUL speech and brought out an "EGG" (Story about the egg is that, I always called him EGG, and the word EGG is unusual to Americans hehe) He opened the "EGG" and there was the most beautiful ring. He asked me to marry him. Cried more, stood there and of course..... said YES! Even though - we met online and only met just then. The love we have is so strong and we will continue to love each other. Him coming all this way to propose is surely the most sweetest thing that I have ever seen or heard in my life. Our set date for the wedding is Saturday 5th February 2011. I guess you can find love online depending how sensible you are on using it! and YES, it was the BESTEST surprise EVER! =)


Posted by Rose Ulugia


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Oh goshness darl, this is soo sweet..!! LOVE the EGG part..!! Yah egg..!! Lmao

Posted by Daylanah on 28 Jul

Oh goshness darl, this is soo sweet..!! LOVE the EGG part..!! Yah egg..!! Lmao

Posted by Daylanah on 28 Jul





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