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Fantastic setting,weather and answer!

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I took my partner Aimy out for brunch the day I was going to propose and told her it would be nice to eat out and then have a look around the shops in Queenstown. When we finished brunch we wondered around the shops for a while and then I suggested we go for a drive up Coronet Peak as there was plenty of snow and it was the opening day. Aimy thought that was a great idea so away we went. When we arrived towards the top I pulled into an area that was at the base of the snow line and we jumped out of the car. To lighten the siuation and reduce my nerves I started a snow ball fight, which was great fun. We then stood arm in arm on the edge of the mountain looking over the fantastic view of the opposite Remarkalbe Mountain range and valley below. There was barely a cloud in the sky. The air was fresh and there was barely a noise. I then said to Aimy, Sooo..........What do you think - She replied "The View is amazing" at that point I dropped to one knee and pulled the ring from the inside pocket of my jacket and asked Aimy to Marry Me! She was gob smacked. Her mouth dropped open, with a massive smile on her face at the sight of the ring and all was silent, I then said to her - So I take that as a Yes!!!! She replied" YES, YES, YES" and I placed the ring on her finger. She was extatic!She was jumping around and was so so happy.... I then opened the boot of my car and pulled a bottle of French Champaign that I had sitting on Ice the whole morning. We popped the top and toasted to our fantastic future together. We were both so pleased with the design the DFNZ ring turned out and Aimy still after 4 weeks has a smile from ear to ear.


Posted by Robbie East


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dat mean and cool

Posted by chris a.k.a lover on 20 Jul

dat mean and cool

Posted by chris a.k.a lover on 20 Jul





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