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Caravan of love

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Toby and I had been together 2 years. I already had an 18 mth old when I'd met Toby but it didnt matter to him and he loved my son as if he were his own. I was studying to be a teacher and he was working on a fishing boat as a deck hand. While back from one of his trips he went to the local jewwller in our small town and designed a ring that the jeweller said he could have ready for when Toby returned 3 weeks later. Unfortunately when toby arrived home the ring was not ready. We were struggling financially and living in a caravan at the back of my parents house. One morning I awoke to Toby sitting on the floor beside my bed. He was waiting for me to wake up and when I did he said that he was waiting for a "present" for me. Excited I asked "what is is?". To which he replied "an engagement ring". Ecstatic I asked him "what are you saying?" and he said " I was hoping you'd say yes to marrying me". Of course I said yes and now was eager for my ring. After a month of more waiting we decided to go to the jeweller together and demand that he hand over the ring or repay the money that Toby had paid. The jeweller assured us that it would be ready the next week. So the next week we returned to the jeweller (at this stage 9 weeks had past and still no ring) expecting to pick up the ring. He told us that it would be there the next day. So again the next day we arrived and still no ring, by this stage we were growing weary that he even had our ring. The jeweller informed us that it would definately be there the next day. This time Toby and I had made the decision that if there was no ring we would demand a refund. Sure enough when we got there, there was no ring so as decided we demanded a refund. At this point we were both suprised when the jeweller became angry and had to be held back by another worker as he reared to attack Toby! We were shocked and once again asked for our money back. The other jeweller told us that this man was unstable and to come back next week when our ring would be ready. But we had enough and by this time I didnt even want that ring! I told them that this was supposed to be an exciting time for me and they were ruining it! After much argument they finally relented and threw the money at us we quickly grabbed it and walked out vowing never to return. We took the money and bought a very simple ring from a chain store dealer. Toby later described a beautiful ring that he had designed for me and I wish that I could have had it. Toby had big plans for his proposal and feels robbed by the violent and angry jeweller we had the displeasure of dealing with. That was 7 years ago and we are now happily married with kids. Although the "propasal" wasnt exactly what we would have liked we are happy and feel lucky to be together.


Posted by Shontae Barrow


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