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Hit by a Bus!!!

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It started one Monday morning, when my girlfriend invited me out for Friday lunch to, what she described as a “fancy place”, particularly stressing that I look nice and wear something “fancy Pants” for the occasion. Come Friday lunch time and she insisted we get a table outside, and thankfully even though it was the end of May, and had been raining all morning the sun had just started to shine and the day got progressively warmer.

A few moments later, just as soon as another friend of ours had joined us, the wine came out and we made a toast to a beautiful afternoon.

We were deep in conversation when an original 1939 red double-decker London bus pulled up right in front of our table. At first I didn’t pay much attention to it, but then the driver started tooting. I lift my head up, and see a big banner on the side of the Bus and it reads “Baby, will you marry me?” A rush of emotions and thoughts come on:
1. Does it say what I think it does? What a romantic thing to do, someone is so lucky!
2. What if it was for me, that would make it the happiest day of my life!
3. Could it be???
4. Don’t get ahead of yourself it can be anybody (head turning to see if there are any lucky brides to be found).
5. Come on! Somebody get out of the bus already!!!

At this point my friends are giggling away, and a few restaurant staff come out to see what is going on. I take another look at the sign and see that the floral background of the banner is actually spelling out my name!!!!

Hard to say what happened afterwards, I remember there were applause, my fiancé to be came out of the bus and got down on one knee, the most beautiful ring in the world was placed on my finger (then again, I can be biased on that one). There were giggles from my friends and then out of nowhere my Fiance’s friends showed up with cameras. And one more thing – he even wore a suit for the occasion (an occurrence rather rare, considering that he is a personal trainer and anything more formal than the usual track pants constitutes a dressed-up look)!!!

Then he told me he has organized the rest of the day off with my work, and whisked me away on our bus to travel around Auckland to our favorite date spots. On the top deck of the bus there was champagne and a boom box (he didn’t trust the quality of the1930 bus’s stereo systems) playing our favorite songs, one of which, even had him rapping on the background. The trip finished by a checking in to a Westin hotel for a very romantic night.

Please check out the "youtube" link below, for the hidden camera work of my Fiance's friend and see the whole thing for yourself


Posted by Elena Rozhkova


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