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The hike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Two weeks before school holidays (my parnter is a PE teacher, and myself a preshool teacher) my partner brought me home a gift basket full of yummy food, as he had been away a lot this term on camps and I had done lots for hime. the first week of school hols I was still working when a big bunch of beautiful flowers arrived from my partner, a gift basket adn now flowers!!!!! how lucky am I!!! We then joked that next week had better be somethign good then to top teh past two weeks!!!
My partner and I had gone home for the week to see our families. We went to Nelson first as that is where I am from. We booked a cabin at my favourite camping place - Kaiterteri Beach. We headed over for the night. We had just been out for tea and headed back to the cabin. We were going to watch a movie. My partner said he would go and set it up while he was on the toilet (strange I thought) but didn't think anything more of it. I was cold so decided to have a shower. He was taking ages, so I was in there for a while. I heard my cellphone text alert go off but just thought it would be my Mum so continued in the shower OOOPS!!!! When I got out and read the text, it was from my partner. It said, "under the mattress we are sleeping on is a note and under the other mattress is a torch. Read the note and come to your favourite place" which is at the top of the hill in Kaiteriteri. I quickly got dressed and headed to the hill. o dear - my partner was waiting at the bottom...he had already been up and had to come back down. On the way down he had stubbed his toe. So this time he decided to go up the other way, (as we headed up he was saying "i'm guttered, i'm shattered") however i just kept saying it's all good, just thinking we might be having a had got very dark by this time and we just had torches - we got lost several times and it took us quite a while to get up there. We finally got up there. Sorted things out. He asked me to turn the other way; in the corner of my eye I could see candles being lit; that's when my heart started to race with excitement as I knew what he was about to do. I said I would walk back down the hill a bit and back up. I did this, and as I walked back up, there he was, down on one knee surrounded by candles. I just burst in to tears as I was so overwhelmed. And of course I said yes. He had already been up here, lit candles and had to come back down as I had taken so long!!! He had even brought his laptop up with our favourite song on!!! He had really thought this out, first gift basket, then flowers then ring!!! He had even rung my parents. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!!!!


Posted by Kate


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