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Magical Rotorua

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My husband proposed to me on our three year annerversery, so everything he planned for the proposal I thought it was just to celebrate our three years of togetherness. It was also New Year 2005 and on our ride to Rotorua we discussed that we were too young to get married and we would wait 4 years untill I finished uni (I was 18 and him 30). We were in Rotorua staying with his parents and the night beforehand he told me to pack for everything. Swimming toggs, going out outfit, casual outfit. Everything. In the morning he took me at the back of his parents house which is on the lake and told me to wait there. We waited for half an hour nothing happened. Then he made some phone calls and asked his parents to take us into town and drop us off at the ferry terminal(They were all in on it). Next thing I know he is walking me towards a float plane. He told me it was meant to pick us up that morning but the wind was too strong. We got on the plane and it was amazing! Then when the plane landed he took me for a walk through the Rotorua Gardens and we ended up at the Polynesian Spas. He booked us in for a private spa and it was soo lovely. I was getting suspicous at this point but we had a minor stupid argument so I thought nothing would happen. Then he said we needed to get ready for dinner because we were meeting his whole family restaurant and told me to wait outside the spas for the Taxi. I didnt understand this because the restaurant we were going to was around the corner but he insisted I wait outside for the taxi. Then this beautiful white limo pulled up and not for a second did I think it was for me. The driver opened the door and asked me to get in and Nathan came in on the other side. Now I was getting REALLY suspicous. We had champagne and the driver took us to this beautiful outlook of Rotorua. . Nathan wanted to go out on the cliff but there was a gate and it was locked. He ran to the restaurant next to the cliff to see if they had a key, but he just came back and grabbed my hand and told me to go in. We walked inside the restaurant and everyone including the owner greeted us and were really friendly. They told us that there was a wedding going on downstairs but that we can go to the top at the 360* tower and that there was a couple up there having a private dinner celebrating their 1 year wedding annerversery. When we walked up we saw that she was wearing her wedding dress and he was in his tux. Then we stood at the window and looked out over beautiful Rotorua as the sun set with the lake shimmering. I could feel his heart beating and so was mine and I knew that he was going to ask. Then..he grabbed my hand turned around and said "come on lets go". I felt so elated! But before he got to the steps...he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring that I had tried on a year ago just for fun, and asked me to be his wife. I said yes and we cried. The couple congradulated us and as we walked down stairs the staff clapped and gave us glasses of champagne. The limo drove through the crowds of Rotorua and towards the restaurant where his family was meeting us. They all waited outside for us and clapped as the limo pulled up. It was the most amazing day ever, the perfect proposal, and I am never going to forget even a single moment of it. We got married in 2007 in Rotorua and now have a one year old girl. Oh and he also asked me out in Rotorua.


Posted by Ellie


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