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The Worse Proposal Ever!

Posted 25 Jun - 1 vote - 0 comments - 17192 views


Well let me see it all started when I had met my partner through a friend. I was only 16 at the time and I didn't really know much about relationships. My friend had suggested to me that I should met this really nice guy he was yes indeed her boyfriends brother, and so I agreed. A week later I had met him. I don't know what it was through this metting but I knew that he was the one for me. We started hanging out together all the time we were inseparable. Things soon to move very quickely after that and started to fall in love, but still remembering I was only 16 ay the time. About 2 months after us being together he invited me to met his family being his mum, step-dad and his nanna. We statred chatting and drinking and before then we were tipsey maybe some of us were a little drunk. At around 9 o'clock things had started to hit off by then it was more a party then just a social evening. I was sitting in the lounge with around 4-5 other people with me just chatting then all of a sudden my partner pushed his way through people, at the time it was really funny the way he did it, and sat down right next to me. He reeked of alcohol and interrupted the groups conversation. The words next that came out of his mouth were kind of like this "Rebecca I have something to say to you. You know I love you and I have done since that day I met you" At that time I thought that he was just being all sweet and romantic until the next part came. He got up out of the seat next to me and stumble his way out into the spare bedroom and reached into his over night bag and pulled out this little box. At this time I had clicked on what he was doing so I quickley raced up out of my seat and said "What are you doing? I am to young for this please don't do this here right now!" Did you think he listened oh no he didn't. He grabbed my hand and dragged me into the lounge where I was sitting and the words that popped out of his mouth were "Will you marry me" By then there was more than a dozen people inside wondering what all the comotion was about, so really I had no choice into saying no, so I said yes. But wait things get worse. Instead of thw whole getting down one one knee thing that practically went out there window. He indeed chucked the box with the ring in it and said "Here you go" and then he went outside to go and have another drink. Of course I was stunned and embarrassed to boot but hey I really couldn't do anything beside have another drink. It has been coming up to 4 years that we have been together our anniversary of being engaged on the 6-2-2011 and I want me and my partner to get married on that anniversary but sadly we can't afford our wedding bands. We have a little girl together and she is coming up 3 and also very happy together after that very embarrassing day, and there would be nothing more that I would like than for me and my partner to become one and having to share even more love for him. Thanks for reading "My Worse Proposal Ever!"


Posted by Rebecca Malone


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