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Blinded By Proposal

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On Friday the 4th of November 2005.
We went to The Cabbage Tree buffet restaurant for an evening meal.
There was a band playing and I requested the song "Love Me tender" by Elvis Presley.
After Dinner I put a blindfold on Angela and then drove up the hill to the Sign of the Takahe .
We then walked to the look out near the Sign of Takahe, carrying a bottle of sparkling grape juice and wine glasses.
There were two other groups there, one group looking out over the city, the other had two young Japanese ladies that watched and listened as I read my proposal poem.
Roses are red
Your eyes are blue
You are beautiful
That is true
I'm in love with you
To my heart
I must be true
To live my life
With you as my wife
Is my plan to be
So please will you
Marry Me"
To which Angela said yes, then reminded me to give her the ring which was still in my pocket. I was that nervous that I forgot about it.
The Japanese ladies clapped.
The other group turned around and asked if I had just proposed and to do it again because they missed it.
I then repeated the poem.
We then drank the sparkling grape juice while looking over the beautifully lit up city of Christchurch.
I was a very happy man that night.


Posted by Gwyn Upritchard


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