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Secure Shopping

Credit Cards:

At Diamonds Forever NZ® Limited, we guarantee that all orders you place with us will be secure and safe. We utilise the latest security technology to ensure your credit card and personal information remains secure. We use a Payment Gateway, which is a secure page that captures your credit card details and sends them to ETSL for authorisation.

This is effectively like an online Eftpos Terminal.


We use a payment Gateway to ensure customers' credit card details are not compromised. Using a Gateway means the card details are captured, processed and stored securely using 128bit Encryption and are not disclosed to the merchant (Diamonds Forever NZ® Ltd).


We are using Westpac Internet Payment Solution (WIPS) also referred to as Virtual Payment Suite (VPS). VPS is payment software owned by ETSL and has been re-branded by each of the ETSL banks.


Diamonds Forever NZ® Ltd is using the Certified Solutions Provider (CSP)


At Diamonds Forever NZ® Ltd we only use the two Credit Card providers that offer the latest in E-Commerce transactional security utilising an additional password. These are Verified by Visa and MasterCard® SecureCode ™. If you are a Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode participant, you will be prompted for your password when you purchase through Diamonds Forever NZ® Ltd. There is no need to get a new Visa or MasterCard you just need to contact the Card Issuer to register your card and be issued with an E-Commerce Pin or password.


Visit and



Diamonds Forever NZ® Ltd also allows fund transfers or cheque payments via SafeTrader for your security, at no extra cost to you. SafeTrader is specifically designed for transactions on the internet, see Once the details of the transaction are agreed, you pay SafeTrader the purchase price of the goods. SafeTrader hold the funds in a secure Trust Account.
We ship the goods using an approved Courier and record the tracking number. Once the goods have been received, inspected and signed for by you, SafeTrader pays Diamonds Forever NZ® Ltd and the transaction is then completed.


Diamonds Forever NZ® Ltd will pay the Fees for using this service.


On-Line Financing:

On-line financing is available through Fico Finance Company. For more information on this service you can visit



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